Group Project

Name:       Scaldia Solar Park

Location:   North Sea Port, Netherlands

Capacity:   54.5 MWp

Revenue:   Feed-in-Tariff

Status:       Operational

About Us


ibV Energy Partners LLC is a privately held company based in Miami, Florida, with Group offices in Reno, NV and Providence, RI. We are direct investors and developers of large-scale solar and storage power plants across the United States. Our customers consists of investor-owned utilities, power agencies, corporates and municipalities engaged in the procurement of grid-connected clean energy.


The Company was founded by a group of US military veterans; in turn, also veterans of the US solar and wind industry. Key members of the team have, on average, 13 years of direct experience, having developed and financed over 2.5 GWp of renewable energy projects across MISO, SPP, ERCOT, PJM, SERC, NE-ISO and the Pacific Northwest.


We specialize in on-the-ground development at a very early-stage. The vast majority of asset development and technical works is completed in-house, both in the US and overseas, in partnership with ib vogt GmbH. Our guiding principle is founded on 'excellence in field operations', which allows us to deliver the highest quality projects to our shareholders and offtaking clients.

ibV Energy Partners

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in-house capabilities

We cover the full spectrum of development and finance. From the early stages of site control and transmission analysis, through the permitting and engineering of the project, all of our efforts are borne and guided in-house. Occasionally, we collaborate with specialized firms, specifically local providers that know the terrain better than us. This could be in the areas of community outreach, to ensure that we provide for the community at least as much as they provide for us, or interconnection works to identify the optimal point of interconnect for the project and our utility partner.

But typically, we only employ independent experts to verify our own work. We ask them to be extremely rigorous in their analysis, critical in their advice and detail-oriented – always. We pride ourselves on our financial expertise and our engineering heritage, our ability to be exact and design the most efficient solar power plants for the most demanding customers.

Digvijay Kamthane
Sr. Analyst, Planning & Eng.

a word on quality control >


Design analysis is an inherently  customized solution. We build confidence and increase quality control through managing these critical work aspects in-house.

trusted partners

We value commitments


Our core strategy relies heavily on repeat business with offtakers implementing a multi-year procurement strategy in the most demanding markets. At the same time, we are highly selective when it comes to launching a development initiative; after all, we only use our own capital so as to not jeopardize our projects with a 'dependent funding' strategy. This is one of the areas which we believe sets us apart - a strong knowledge base backed by a global Group that has honored every single financial commitment to its offtaker partners throughout the world. Every single one of our projects have been built on time.


Once we’re committed to a project, we employ a fully-staffed team of development and investment professionals, which includes an in-house staff of land assessors, permitting experts, design engineers, and market and financial analysts to execute seamlessly. Having this in-house talent and resources is critical to ensuring the highest quality. While our business model encourages outsourcing of select assignments, we believe the best results are achieved when quality control is managed internally.

Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to provide the energy for the entire planet for 24 years.

- Martha Maeda

Integrated Power Plants


                      solar + storage

The modeling and simulations that we undertake address both energy and power needs – from load shifting, to flexible solutions to mitigate curtailment, transmission congestion, frequency response and renewable energy smoothing. We support our analysis through verifiable data chains which are refined, and ultimately integrated into our design and development initiatives.

3.  Battery Energy Storage
     System Discharging

Charging and discharging criteria are borne out of exact specification from the end user. Typical discharging profiles are used for power or energy shifting, frequency response and spinning reserves. In the US southeast, our solar + storage projects are mainly used in the summer and winter hours, with at least one full charge and discharge per day during the season.

This profile shows a typical full power shifting discharge in the summer months, as specified by the customer.

1.  PV Generation

We take an integrated approach to energy storage modeling, beginning with a customized production profile, which takes into account degradation and other losses learned from our own operating solar plants around the world.

Our engagement begins with a detailed discussion of the customer's needs, along with various use-cases and battery technologies.

2.  Battery Energy Storage
     System Charging

All of our data analytics, programming and modeling is completed in-house. The Group has a dedicated team of energy storage engineers that uses a propriety integrated storage model which analyzes various battery technologies, including lithium-ion, vanadium flow and lead-acid.

BESS charging profiles are customized down to the hour of a given day in a given month. The charging profile as pictured was used to model a 'peaking capacity' plant for a customer with exact pricing and hour specifications.

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4.  Integrated Generation

A fully-integrated solar + storage power plant is the result of constant and detailed communications, between our customer and the ibV Energy team. While running multiple simulations is critical to understanding and predicting plant behavior, it is no substitute for careful listening.

Currently, the Company has six integrated solar + storage plants in development, two of which are expected to be on-line in late 2021.

a complimentary approach to energy storage

Over the next decade, the solar energy industry - and energy markets across the United States - will undergo significant changes. The rapid deployment of integrated solar + storage power plants will be a major driver of this change.

We are first committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients - our utility, corporate and municipal partners that seek to increase their procurement of clean energy, as well as understand the flexibility that integrated power plants offer. The levelized cost of storage (LCOS) combined with the levelized cost of solar energy (LCOE) is materially changing the economics of energy procurement and consumption.

To better understand these changes, we provide in-depth energy storage integration analysis for all of our existing and potential partners, on a complimentary basis.